MRESS Online

The MRESS VehicleWelcome to MRESS Online. MRESS is an acronym that stands for Mobile Rapid Environmental Sampling System. The "system" consists of a variety of parts, the most visible of which is the mobile observation platform. Often thought of as simply a storm chasing vehicle, this car has quite a few additional and important uses. Example uses include:

DataloggerAlthough the MRESS design began with a single unit, the system is designed to support tens, hundreds, or even thousands of mobile observing systems. With a unique extensible communication system and data storage design, future expansion of the system should require minimal effort. The biggest roadblock to expansion of the MRESS project is the financial burden of setting up a mobile system with research-grade instrumentation. The single observing platform in use at the beginning of this project has a net worth of nearly $5,000 for just instrumentation and the datalogger. Add on the cost of a computer, mobile internet connectivity, and giving up the chance to ever park in a parking garage again, and the system is a tough sell.

The T/RH and Fast-Therm ModuleStill, the system is a powerful demonstration of the concept of mobile systems reporting to one data repository that is freely available to anyone and everyone. Feel free to take a look around and please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Example realtime displayPlease check out the "Data" section for examples of significant observations and also the most current data collected by the system. Note that the system isn't always on, but I usually try to have it on for important weather events and times when it is easy to just leave it running. The display will provide current conditions, vehicle location, and some time-series graphs of pressure, wind direction and speed, temperature, and dewpoint.