The People Behind MRESS

MRESS has been designed, built, operated, and paid for by individuals not associated with any private or government organization. A lot of time and money has been invested in what we can only call our hobby of instrumentation and meteorology. Below is an overview of some of the great people helping out with the project.

Photo of Bob Fritchie
Name:Bob Fritchie
Title/Association:Meteorologist and Software Engineer
Education:B.S. Meteorology, M.S. Candidate Meteorology and Computer Science (expected May 2008)

Robert Fritchie is currently attending the University of Oklahoma as a graduate student enrolled in both Meteorology and Computer Science. He also works as a meteorologist/software engineer at Weather Decision Technologies Inc. developing internationally deployed air traffic weather support systems. His areas of expertise include severe and unusual weather, data assimilation, systems engineering, application design, and fluid dynamics.

Photo of Eric Nguyen
Name:Eric Nguyen
Title/Association:Instrumentation Meteorologist
Education:B.S. Meteorology

Eric Nguyen was a meteorologist with expertise in meteorological instrumentation and storm chasing. He developed the system's sensor package's minimum specifications and decided what sensors to use. He also designed and built the water-resistant, mechanically-aspirated T/RH radiation shield.