Wildfire Support

Tribbey Fire Command, 2006 in OklahomaMRESS has one key characteristic for supporting wildfire suppression ...MOBILITY. We can have the system set up near fire lines in time that is only dependant on speed limits. Once deployed, the system will provide analysis of atmospheric conditions that impact wildfire behavior and intensity. The system can be deployed with data streaming to a web application that a dispatcher can view on any standard web browser. Additionally, fire personnel are welcome to directly monitor the system's output locally and relay reports over radio as they see fit.

A Norman Firefighter Douses some hotspots in a field. MRESS availability for fire fighting efforts is currently limited by distance. Agencies seeking support in Oklahoma or locations near Oklahoma should contact us for more information. No guarantees of availability are made, and no liability is to be implied. This is a personal operation and availability is at the mercy of personal schedules.