Radar and Mobile Mesonet Display Solutions

MRESS transects a suprecell hook echoWith severe storms being so dependant on the condition of low-level inflow, pre-storm and near-storm measurements of the surface environment can play a key role in the warning decision process. To aid in the viewing of radar data overlaid with mobile mesonet data, the MRESS project now produces one minute resolution output in the form of either a GRLevelX placefile or a StormLab overlay. The initial reaction to the incorparation of the data to the radar displays has been great, and even a few NWS offices have been taking a look.

MRESS Data from inflow region of a tornadic supercell From the GRLevelX site:
Gibson Ridge Software, LLC (GRS) was created in March 2005 and produces viewers for weather radar data. GRS applications include GRLevel2 for viewing Level II radar data and GRLevel3 for viewing Level III data. Both viewers feature high speed, high quality radar displays with an intuitive user interface. All GRS applications are written in multithreaded C++ using the base Windows APIs for speed and efficiency.

Gibson Ridge Software's Owner is Michael Scott Gibson, a software design engineer with two decades of experience writing PC applications and operating system software. His primary specialty is graphics and font technology, from the API down to the driver level, and is the inventor or co-inventor in three patents related to that work.

MRESS in front of a Supercell near Rocky, OK From the StormLab site:
We are pleased to announce the release of StormLab 4.0, continuing our commitment to excellence in providing state-of-the-art, affordable PC weather applications. Essentially rebuilt from the ground up, StormLab 4.0 represents a multi-partner effort in providing the latest comprehensive Doppler Radar software on the market. We have given the software a refreshing professional look while maintaining the intuitive design and extensive customization features that have made this product so successful in the past. With access to over 150 radar sites across the entire US, you will have instant access to nearly 2 dozen products including reflectivity, velocity, storm relative velocity, VAD Wind Profiles, precipitation estimates, storm cell data, and MUCH more. View real-time and archived data. Full looping, zooming, sampling, web-uploads, customized overlays and MUCH more. Stay smart, stay safe! Our software is written by meteorologists, bringing you the latest in technology and information from the National Weather Service.

To try or purchase the GRLevel3, GRLevel2, or GRLevel2 Analyst software, visit http://www.GRLevelX.com

To try or purchase the StormLab software, visit http://www.interwarn.com

Once you have one of these packages, you can feel free to access the GRLevelX Placefile at http://www.mress.org/data/OneMinuteObs.txt or the StormLab overlay at http://www.mress.org/data/SLObs.txt