MRESS Specifications

The following instruments are installed on MRESS_001:

  • Vaisala 50Y Temperature/Humidity Probe
  • Gill Windsonic4 Sonic Anemometer
  • Garmin HVS-16 GPS Receiver
  • Vaisala PTB101B Barometer
  • Climatronics 100093-3 Dual-Element Thermistor (NOT ACTIVE YET)

The system has a sampling frequency of 1Hz, or 1 sample every second. Additional processing is done server-side to calculate the WMO-Standard 3-second gust and 1 minute-average wind data. Note: The WMO suggested averaging period for a wind measurement is 10 minutes, but that is not applicable (temporally or spatially) for Storm/Micro-Scale phenomena.

Temperature (Fast-Response)
Range:-30°C to +50°C
Time Constant:0.6 sec
Range:600 to 1100 mb
Accuracy:±0.5 mb @ +20°C
Temperature Range:-40° to 60°C

Wind Speed
Range:0 to 60 m/s (0 to 134 mph)
Accuracy:±2% of Reading (±0.5 m/s @ 25 m/s)
or (±1.1 mph @ 56 mph)
Output Resolution:0.01 m/s (0.02 mph)
Wind Direction
Range:0° to 360°
Output Resolution:

Vehicle Speed (GPS)
Range:0 to 999 kts (0 to 1150 mph)
Accuracy:±0.1 kts (±0.12 mph)
Output Resolution:0.01 kts (0.012 mph)
Vehicle Direction (GPS)
Range:0° to 360°
Accuracy:±0.3° on 20 s continuous-stretch
Output Resolution:0.1°

Temperature (Slow-Response)
Range:-10C to +60C
Accuracy:±0.6C (see graph)

From Vaisala 50Y Product Manual.

Relative Humidity
Range:0% to 100%
Accuracy:Around ±3% (see graph)

From Vaisala 50Y Product Manual.